Hall of Fame
Biographies of inductees in the Rockford Golf Hall of Fame, which opened in 2005.
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2010 Inductees
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor never realized the scope of his achievement at the time.

He does now.

Taylor won a wide assortment of local, state and national tournaments when he was young, but is best known for playing in the 1979 U.S. Open at Inverness in Toledo, Ohio at age 19.

That's probably in my entire golf career, which wasn't that terribly long, the biggest disappointment I had, Taylor said from his home in Boca Raton, Fla. I wasn't smart enough to realize that might be the only time I would be there, so I didn't get out of it as much as I wanted.

Taylor played against Hall of Famers Chris Beto, Mike Johnson, Lloyd McWilliams and Ken Kellaney before he moved away after graduating from Guilford.

Taylor is also known for beating two-time future U.S. Open winner Andy North (among others) in winning the national Insurance Youth Classic, winning two titles each in the Atwood (1979 and 1982), Ballard (1975-76) and Men's City (1979 and 1982) tournaments, and setting records that have never been broken in the 1982 Men's City. He shot nine-under 273 for four rounds, breaking the old record set by Alex Welsh in 1953 by five strokes. He also won by 18 strokes, again breaking Welsh's mark, this time by seven strokes.

Mary Horton Reid

Mary Reid was the first great Rockford women's golfer.

She won the Women's City title six times between 1937 and 1958, often going head-to-head with seven-time champ and fellow Hall of Famer Mary Welsh in her later years. She also won the Rockford Country Club title nine times and the Michigan Women's Championship at age 19.

In 1987, RCC honored Reid and Welsh by creating the Mary/Mary Tournament.

Webbs Norman

Webbs Norman, as the head of the Rockford Park District for many years, helped steer the Park District toward building Elliot and Aldeen golf courses and helped persuade Tiger Woods to come to Rockford for one of his golf clinics in 2001.

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